High resolution grids

SocScape - mapping residential segregation and racial diversity

This webpage made available high resolution demographic grids for each county in the conterminous U.S. and for 351 MSA for 1990, 2000, and 2010. Data are organized as a zip archive. The name of each zip archive contains 2-letters, state code, and county name. For example, oh_hamilton.zip indicates Hamilton county in the state of Ohio.

Users are encouraged to take a look at the data description before downloading the data. For more information, please see also the SocScape user guide and SocScape tutorial: "Working with demographic grids in QGIS."   The complete legend files (for QGIS) for racial diversity and population grids are available here


We also made available US-wide high resolution grids. The zip archive has 1.2GB. After unzipping population and race-specific grids have a size of 67.3 GB and racial diversity grid has a size of 16GB. 

Population grids: 

Diversity grids: 

Race-specific grids:


Select the state name and next county name from the dropdown menus below and click "Download" 

For download data for metropolitan areas, select metropolitan areas (penultimate position on the list) from the left menu and name of MSA from the right menu and click "Download"

For download change maps for metropolitan areas, select metropolitan areas (change) (the last position on the list) from the left menu and the name of MSA from the right menu and click "Download"




Zip archives contain population, racial and racial diversity classification grids regardless of county boundary changes if county name was the same for all years. For counties that were added/deleted in a particular year, archives contain only data for years for which a county existed under this name.

Archives, that include only part of data are:

  • co_broomfield (only 2010)
  • fl_dade (only 1990); data for 2000 and 2010 are in fl_miamidade.
  • fl_miamidade (only 2000, 2010); data for 1990 are in fl_dade
  • mt_yellowstonenationalpark (only 1990)
  • va_cliftonforgecity (only 1990 and 2000)
  • va_southbostoncity (only 1990)

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In addition to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, we request that publications and research reports employing this data include the following citation:

A. Dmowska, T. F. Stepinski, P. Netzel (2017) Comprehensive framework for visualizing and analyzing spatio-temporal dynamics of racial diversity in the entire United States, PLoS ONE 12 (3): e0174993, paper (open access)